Cello Dreaming – Carl Vine’s ‘Inner World’

Carl Vine’s Inner World was written and dedicated to my former cello teacher in Australia, David Pereira. Pereira is a leading musical personality in Australian contemporary music, and I want to pay tribute to him.

The piece is performed with a sampled cello backing track, which was recorded by Pereira on the very instrument that I now use.  It has been recorded several times and sold well – proof of its musical success and contemporary appeal. While many people find modern classical music daunting, this is a piece that draws people in. It is fun, intriguing and quite spectacular to see and hear in live performance.

In a programme note at the front of the sheet music, Carl Vine writes: ‘When great musicians perform, one is not just witnessing the dutiful reproduction of a series of notes and tones but rather the intimate relationship between fine craftsmen and their instruments. Every sound is carved from the string, hair and wood with loving care. My aim in Inner World is to focus on this amazing symbiosis and create a sound world that might reflect, in some small part, the internal processes that lead to the production of marvellous music…. The performer is not only live, but also crystallised, dissected and re-arranged. The cello is not only the physical instrument in the player’s hands, but also an enveloping shroud of sound – a hall of mirrors in which artifice and reality collide …’