Music Lessons

I have been teaching cello for over twenty years in Australia and the UK. I love to share my passion for all kinds of music with others and I aim to encourage a lifelong interest in music and an enjoyment of all the arts. Music education enhances the quality of life, and I genuinely want the best for my students. 

My core teaching values are:

  • Creativity
  • Expression
  • Lifelong Learning
Over the past few years I have been inspired by the teaching philosophy of Paul Harris, and I am gradually implementing his ‘simultaneous learning’ approach to teaching. I aim to enable students to make mental connections through experiencing music in many different aspects – aurally, physically, visually through notation, engaging emotions, and using improvisation and composition where appropriate.
Cello Tuition

I teach all ages and abilities, from beginners to professional consultations.  Advanced pupils are encouraged to learn the background of a piece of music, exploring its structure and musical components. I aim for a natural and easy instrumental technique, which must be individual to each player. I often enter pupils for exams, but prefer that this is not the sole focus of study.

I currently teach cello privately at my studio in Marston, Oxford, and at the Oratory Preparatory School. I am a full member of the European Strings Teaching Association.

To contact me to arrange a trial lesson, please use the contact page of this website. 

Jk photo of Coral hand up